Originally from New Zealand, Spencer Falls is the son of an orchardist and a fine artist. His parents, John and Leslie, instilled in him an appreciation for creativity and the beauty of nature. 

 It was his love for adventure that brought him to the States some 10 years ago. Lake Tahoe was his first port of call, where Spencer pursued powder day after powder day. A few years and a few injuries later, he made his way across the country to Maine, where the intensity of working as a lobster fisherman fed the adrenaline junkie inside him. That chapter ran its course and it was time to return to the warm weather of the west coast, more specifically Los Angeles. Spencer was to embark on yet another unknown landscape, Hollywood and all the illusive and crazy opportunities it had to offer.

Much like any other acting career, Spencer experienced both peaks and valleys. It was in one of those valleys that he began to look for creative expression in another medium;  Floristry had been a joke for years but at this point it seamed the only logical choice. In that ironic moment, he landed the biggest role of his life. A role that feeds his passion, his urge to create. A role that assumes him as he assumes it. 

The role, THE UNLIKELY FLORIST - An outlaw florist who blurs the lines between performance, floristry and fine art. With Untho, his 1980 VW van overflowing with flowers, as a stage, the role is simple. Brings the flowers to the people. Using reclaimed wood as a tool he consistently looks for new ways to present florals and with every day that he steps into his studio he works to question conformity, inspire consciousness all by using the overwhelming positivity of flowers. His Motto - " Simplicity is the law of nature for man, as well as flowers."