Untho, The Flower Van

Untho, a loose acronym for UrbaN TrasH Optimized...

The original mobile flower shop. Untho took to the streets in early 2016, and never looked back. He'd. move to the cities rhythms, then dip out to the beaches and the mountains for some fresh air. In fact, The Unlikely Florist was originally called Unthos Fiores.

The heart beat, the soul and the inspiration came from the prairie gold VW Vanagon.

With Untho, as a stage, the flowers a the most beautiful props, the stage was all but set for its protagonist to arrive...

The Unlikely Florist

Being a mobile flower Van, Untho can go anywhere and bring his flowers with him.

If hosting a party, and event or even a wedding have our team there with flowers teaching intimate workshops or just handing out bouquets.

It's always a crowed pleaser to have

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