Our Process

So you’re going to send flowers from the Unlikely Florist

 Good call.  Let us break it down for you....

1. you take a pick from our carefully designed flowers.

Want to send something in a vase? Thinking a burlap wrapped bouquet? We do it all.

2. Jot down a sweet note before you add to your cart.

A joke, a haiku, a ranting declaration of love? Each note is handwritten by, the words are up to you.  

3. head to your cart, pick a delivery day, and fill in the details.

Confirmation email will come to you, and we'll source the freshest stems and arrange your order.

The Delivery

On the morning of your delivery day, the real magic happens!

For each order we hand select stems just for the occasion. We use seasonal, locally sourced stems. Because of this the arrangements aren’t always identical to the photos on the website- but they sure are pretty!! We’ll make substitutions based on availability, shape, color and vibe to make each arrangement a work of art.


Our flowers are cut and shipped on the same day to keep them looking their best at your doorstep.


We carefully secure our flowers in to ensure a safe journey, using wet foam to keep them fresh.


Our dedicated team of floral artists are always available to help answer any questions and make sure your arrangements sing.

Our Stems

Thoughtful Sourcing Practices for Better Flowers

We find inspiration for our flowers everywhere we go. Because of this, we are always thrilled to incorporate California grown and native stems whenever we can. The seasons dictate what we can source from our local growers. We are always keeping note of long lasting stems, with unique and inspiring shapes and colors to bring life to you or whoever you are sending our flowers to.For flowers that are grown nearby, we work directly with the farmer. For international stems, we source from the local mark

Our practice

Arranging Flowers to Ship an Art Piece

We arrange with each individual in mind. Unlike traditional florist- we don’t make anything in advance and each flower is sourced specifically for you, ensuring we don’t waste a stem! At the Unlikely Florist we believe that flowers are art and we approach each arrangement as an opportunity to community the unique sentiments of the sender. We do not carry the responsibility of our clippers lightly!

Secure Shipping to Guarantee Quality Delivery

Our arrangements are grown and designed with care, and we ship them that way. We use wet foam & secure the flowers in its packaging. We hand deliver to the greater LA area & partner with carriers to ship next-day nationwide. No broken stems, no mess, just fresh flowers.

Have questions?

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