Ahh the bouquet, it's a classic and a staple arrangement for The Unlikely Florist.

Our bouquets are made with the every changing in season blooms we source locally. Each one is unique and comes hand wrapped in burlap which can be submerged in water allowing the recipient to easily hang the bouquet for drying or removed to promote a longer life for the fresh flowers.

The names of each bouquet correlate to the size, The Rennie is our perfect size for everyday gifting or celebration, The Vernon has a few more blooms and a little more oomf and The Clement is our biggest and most flower packed bouquet.

No matter the size, you’re in for a long lasting flower arrangement that will take on many beautiful moments through its life.


Dried Arrangement

If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the beauty of dried flowers, now’s your chance...

We at TUF are passionate about sustainability, upcycling and being resourceful with all we encounter rather than mindless consumption. With that in mind we’ve been collecting the most beautiful dried stems for the last few years and
are now finally ready to share them all with you...


When slinging flowers from our trusty and now a little rusty van, Untho, we learned that giving and receiving flowers was one of those life experiences that really warms the heart.

We also learned which flowers last and which dry with beauty... Have a peruse and if you don’t see what you need, check out our custom bouquets and let us know what you are looking for. 


Perhaps I learned of my profound love for the natural world backwards...

first finding my love for cut stems and flowers and then coming to appreciate plant care or perhaps there is no best way. All I can say is that life is better with plants in your space. They clean the air, bring about a calming energy and offer you the opportunity to learn about yourself. I’ve become a plant parent to many varieties of house plants and now you can to...


The Japanese style of any art form is often very definable and has a strong sense of authenticity about it...
Floristry is no exception. Now I’ve never studied Ikebana nor claim to understand its rich history and rules.  However I have been inspired by the style since day one. These are my interpretation...


The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most beautiful species in the orchid family.

They are ideal orchids for beginners, as they tolerate clumsy repotting efforts, and bloom on and off throughout the year. These orchids prefer diffused lighting conditions but are otherwise very easy to grow.


Every snip of your scissors and brush of your broom will become the art and you, you will become the artist.

We’ve all stepped, knowingly or unknowingly, into this world where the experience itself is celebrated and quite frankly I love it. It’s no good to just end at the result you’re looking for, if the process of getting there was a drag. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of tools that’ll help you to appreciate every moment of the process. 

Vased Arrangements

Our arrangements are wild, robust and unruly.

They challenge conformity and defy gravity. These are arrangements that develop over time. Their flowers bloom before your eyes and in their dried state take on a life you’d never believe... If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.


Exact flowers in each arrangement are subject to change based on the season and availability from our local growers.


Ceramic Vases thrown just for the TUF community by our pal Mad Rey Ceramics.

The perfect companion to a flower subscription… These vases look good anywhere… trust us.

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